Big Data from Space 2021

18-20 May 2021 | Virtual Event



  • End-users market trends vision, needs and foreseen solutions involving Big Data coming from space sources and its potential integration with complementary data sources to enhance decision-making processes;
  • From time-series to foresight: new paradigms for data assimilation, knowledge extraction and data valorisation, incorporating multiple-criteria decision analysis and with a special emphasis on prediction algorithms;
  • AI integrated solutions exploiting multi-source data applicable to real scenarios, also developing models that are auditable, interpretable and able to cope with intrinsic bias;
  • Disruptive technologies or technology spin-off from other domains into space to address critical aspects such as real-time analysis of big-data streams or the fusion of unstructured and structured data;
  • Distributed and federated infrastructures for big data management, including related scalability and interoperability aspects, as well as data integrity, security and privacy;
  • Platforms and analytical methods to integrate, access, process and visualize data from disparate sources and the added-value results to facilitate their interpretation;
  • Cross-domain applications (e.g. impact of pandemics on supply chain, impact of climate change on safety and security of citizens, impact of new satellite constellations on daily mobility);
  • Documented training and validation advanced techniques to create documented training and validation datasets at large scale;
  • Quantum computing for Big EO Data analysis.