Big Data from Space 2021

18-20 May 2021 | Virtual Event



Opening Session
Chair: Sveinung Loekken (ESA)
09:30 - 10:40
Welcome by Marius-Ioan PisoPresident and CEO ROSA
Josef AschbacherDG ESA
Stephen Quest DG JRC
Sorin Ducaru DG SatCen
Coffee Break
10:40 – 11:00
Session 1 -  From Insights to Foresight
Chair: Xiaoxiang Zhu (DLR)
11:00 - 12:40
Keynote: Digital twins of the Earth system = really big dataPeter Bauer
Deputy Director Research Department ECMWF
Deepcube: Explainable Ai Pipelines For Big Copernicus DataIoannis Papoutsis
National Observatory of Athens
Correlation Between Satellite And In-Situ Measurements, Studying Co And Co2 Observations From Sentinel-5P, Oco2 And Icos In-Situ DataAlejandro Diaz
Artificial Intelligence And Big Data Technologies For Copernicus Data: The Extremeearth ProjectManolis Koubarakis
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Lunch Break
12:40 – 14:00
Session 2 - Machine Learning
Chair: Michele Lazzarini (SatCen)
14:00 - 15.40
Linked Data Meet Deep Learning To Empower Water Resources Monitoring Of DamsMariana Damova
Embedded Deep Learning Satellite Image Compression For Earth Observation With A CPU-FPGA Co-Design ApproachQuentin Gasparotto
Thales Services Numeriques
Satellite Image Quality Assessment Using Deep LearningBouchra Harnoufi
Airbus Defence and Space
Cortex : First Demonstration Of DNN Simplification and Deployment On-BoardAdrien Lagrange
Utile Pet: A Privacy Preserving Solution For Collaborative Data-Driven ProjectsJuan Miguel Auñón García
Coffee Break15:40 – 16:00
Session 3 - Data Analytics
Chair: Begum Demir (TUB)
16:00 - 17:40
Keynote:From Interactive Computing To Collaborative Science:Opportunities In The Cloud With Open InfrastructureFernando Perez
Associate Professor, Statistics, UC Berkeley
Exploring The Climate-Security Nexus With Spaceborne DataSergio Albani
Ai4Geo: Toward A Global “3D Smart Map”Pierre-Marie Brunet
Exploring Links Between EO Satellites, Social Media And Crowdsourcing Information Against Terrorism And Organized CrimeDimitris Bliziotis
Planetek Hellas

Session 4 - Analysis Ready Data & Data Cubes
Chair: Pieter Kempeneers (JRC)
9:00 - 10:40
OpenEO Platform Brings Analysis-Ready Data On DemandAlexander Jacob Eurac Research
A Sentinel-1 Data Cube For Global Land Monitoring ApplicationsWolfgang WagnerTU Wien
Germany-Wide Sentinel-2 Based Land Cover Classification And Change Detection For Settlement And Infrastructure MonitoringGuido Riembauer
mundialis GmbH & Co. KG
From Multi-Satellite Earth Observation Optical Products To Analysis Ready Data: The Sen2Like ProjectSebastien Saunier
A Location-Transparent Datacube Federation With No ProgrammingThe Rasdaman Team
Coffee Break
10:40 – 11:00
Session 5 - Artificial Intelligence For Modelling
Chair: Bertrand Le Saux (ESA)
11:00 - 12:40
Keynote:Earth Observation + Machine Learning + System Modelling To Understand The Earth SystemMarkus Reichstein
Director of the Biogeochemical Integration Department at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry
RapidAI4EO: A Multi-Format Dataset For Automated Land Cover Classification And Change DetectionTimothy Davis
Planet Labs GmbH
Water Stress Assessment In Austria Based On Deep Learning And Crop Growth ModellingMarkus Muerth
A Multi-Task Multi-Input Neural Network Architecture For Global Soil Mapping Integrating Spatial Data At Different ResolutionsGiulio Genova
Free University of Bolzano
Lunch Break12:40 – 14:00
Session 6 - Big Data Processing
Chair: Mihai Datcu (DLR/UPB)
14:00 - 15.40
Keynote: Space: The Quantum FrontierRadu IonicioiuSenior Researcher at IFIN-HH
Scalable Processing Of Copernicus Sentinel Satellite Images Using Argo WorkflowsFlorian Fichtner
Parallel Processing Strategies For An OpenEO Compatible BackendPieter Kempeneers
JRC Ispra
Spacecraft Telemetries Analysis For Anomaly Detection FunctionsCarlo Ciancarelli
Thales Alenia Space
Special Session - Speech by Elodie Viau (ESA - TIA Director)
Chair: Sergio Albani (SatCen)
15:40 – 16:00
e-Poster Session
16:00 – 18:00

Session 7 - Data Management
Chair: Christophe Arviset (ESA)
9:00 - 10:40
Keynote: Big Data Astronomy: Challenges and OpportunitiesLeanne GuyData Management Scientist at AURA/Rubin Observatory
Towards Scientific And Interoperable Earth Observation Exploitation PlatformsJonas EberleDLR
Use Of Modern Containerised Deployment Tool To Reach The 99,8 % Availability Requirement For The Meteosat Third Generation Level-2 Processing FacilityAlain Montmory
Thales Services Numeriques
Blended - Using Blockchain And Deep Learning For Space Data ProcessingBernard Valentin
Space Applications Services
Coffee Break10:40 – 11:00
Session 8 - Platforms and Archtitectures
Chair: Richard Moreno (CNES)
11:00 - 12:40
Agora-EO: A Unified Ecosystem For Earth Observation – A Vision For Boosting EO Data LiteracyBjoern Deiseroth Technische Universität Berlin
A Digital Twin Earth For Security: From Data To InformationPaula SaameñoSatCen
Onda Dias: A Cloud-Based Platform To Foster Exploitation Of Geospatial InformationFranck Ranera
Loose: Combining Loosely Coupled Components Into Coherent ArchitectureJulian Meyer-Arnek
The Italian Thematic Platform Costelab: From Earth Observation Big Data To Products In Support To Coastal Applications And DownstreamLaura Candela
Italian Space Agency (ASI)
Closing Session & Wrap-up
Chair: Pierre Soille (JRC)
12:40 - 13:00